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Ways to Say Accepts or Regrets On Your Wedding Response Card (with fun and Disney-themed choices)

Posted on September 7, 2021 at 6:10 AM

When it comes to wedding invitations, figuring out how you want to word the Accepts or Regrets section on your response card can be fun. For some, the choice of how to word it is easy: “Accepts _____” or “Declines _____.” For others who want to be a bit more creative with the wording, it can get difficult. Lucky for you, we will share a few options of ways to get creative with this section of your invitation (plus, some Disney-themed choices too)!

If you want to keep the wording traditional, but still add a little to it, try something like:

So joyful to attend! Cannot attend, sending joy your way or

With bells on Will be thinking of you or

Looking forward to the big day Regretfully cannot attend

These are just several wonderful options to choose from that are both traditional and unique. You could even choose to add humor to your response card by including any of these:

Let the good times roll! Roll on without me or

Let’s get the party started! Show must go on without me or

Be there Be square

These options are among many that add a touch of humor, but still get the message across.

Finally, if you are a Disney fanatic, or just want to add something magical to your response card, you can try these:

Before the stroke of midnight on our (RSVP date)

We will be at the Ball Sorry, I have lost my glass slipper or

Will join in the magic Sorry, I cannot join the magic or

I await your carriage Sorry, I cannot join the magic or

Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Sending our love

These choices add a touch of magic that add charm to the invitation. You can look at the below photo for another way to add Disney touch to the response (the rose from Beauty and the Beast). All these choices listed are great ways to get creative with your response cards!

Here are some of our favorite response cards! When you are creating your invitation we will provide you a list of hundreds of options on how to say Accepts and Regrets.

~Julia Costello


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