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The entire team of I Do! Invitations appreciates your interest in our company. If you have further 

questions about our products and services, please get in touch with us. 

You may use the inquiry form to send your message or schedule your complimentary appointment.

Thank you!

Third Generation Family Business

Valerie Osiecki

Owner / CEO

Valerie took over this part of the business from her 

parent's company Accu-Comp Graphics Services in 2005. 

She quickly took the division to the next level by marketing 

I Do! and making it even better. Since then Valerie has 

grown this to her full-time company by turning her 

passion of love into helping clients get the best invitation for their special event. "You only have one chance of your first impression 

and we want our clients to win their guests over with one invitation."

Moush & Joyce Paregian

Best Helpers EVER!

"Moush" and Joyce have helped thousands of Brides over the years and now they work very hard competing for Employee of the Month for their daughter.

In 1951, Moushegh started his business called Accu-Comp Graphics Services.  In 2005, he put their daughter, Valerie, in charge of the invitation department and is now called I Do! Invitations.

Lauren Cattie

Valerie's Daughter in Love (Law)

In 2022 Lauren took a new role in the family business.  She is now the Head of the Day of Coordinating Team.  She is perfect in this role and can help you take all the stress out of your wedding day with her by your side!

Below is my son Matthew, his wife Lauren and left to right,

Owen, Jacob, Anna and Matthew!

"Moush" Paregian

Founder of Accu-Comp Graphics Services

On December 12, 2020 the Founder of Accu-Comp Graphics Services, the parent company of I Do! and my Dad went home to be with the Lord.

As you can imagine he was so proud of me and I am so happy I can keep a part of his legacy going. He started the business in 1951 and in 2021 we will celebrate 70 years.

He and my mom would always want to be the “Employee of the Month” and try to outwork each other to win the award. He’d be so happy if he got it, sometimes I’d tell my Mom she really won, but gave the certificate to Dad. (They would have been married 53 year later this month.)

I Do! is a small family business and over the years we have met so many amazing people!

A couple of years ago a beautiful Bride, Alyson, came for her consultation and mentioned she was a Funeral Director. I found out that she was at the Funeral Home that my parents wanted to use so we made an appointment with her to prepare for this day. During that visit my Dad told her plenty of jokes but he had one serious question. He asked, “If we pay now and Jesus comes back before I die do we get our money back?” Only my Dad!

Then, Mark and I got to meet 4 very special young ladies and all of their families, and we became good friends. They have been getting married one after another. Well one of those is Shannon who is a PA. When we got the call about my Dad and need to make decisions, in the middle of the night Mark called Shannon and she talked to us about options and pros and cons. She has been there for us every step of the way – even now as we navigate. We love you Shannon!

And then talk about coincidence. The day after my Dad went into the hospital I had a Zoom appointment scheduled with Kelli, a Bride who reached out to me through The Knot. I knew she was a nurse at Paoli Hospital, where my Dad was being treated. I had to tell her I was unsure of the future and I would still try to keep the appointment but my Dad was in the hospital. Turns out, she was his nurse the day he was admitted and she was his nurse during the night that he severely declined. She was able to have my parents FaceTime and she was texting me throughout the night. And when her shift was over she called me to see what questions we had for her. She continues to be a source of information for me.

And last, but not least, to all my couples who have reach out to me directly or through social media. Thank you, I am so touched. While we worked on your invitations I got to know you and each of you mean so much to me. I consider us friends.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people who make my world greater everyday! The Minted or any other big business will not have these stories or connection. But I Do!

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