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Kelly & Joe

8th Annual Proposal Contest

Their Proposal Story

One of my all time favorite movies is You’ve Got Mail. This past fall I must’ve watched it 4 times, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I forced Joe to watch it with me, and grinning ear-to-ear, I said “isn’t this just the most perfect movie? It’s like a hug. I just love New York in the fall” Joe looked at me funny then, and said “well then, we’ll have to have a New York day.” We had our fall New York day on October 22, 2023. I wore my most quintessential Kathleen Kelly outfit and explored the upper west side locations used for the movie. We went to Zabars for coffee and bagels, found a nearby bookstore, and ended our tour with a walk in Riverside Park. When we got to the garden where the paths meet, the exact spot where Kathleen and Joe Fox finally got together at the end of the movie, my Joe got down on one knee. After I said yes, my dog came careening toward us as my mom has surprised me by coming in for the event! We then took the train back to NJ to a Mexican restaurant in Hoboken where both our families were waiting for us. It was the perfect proposal for me, it channeled my love of New York, my love of movies, and my love of family. I was so grateful for that day and I’m so grateful to get to marry such a thoughtful man!

9th Annual 
2025 Proposal Contest
$100 I Do! Gift Certificate

Entrees are accepted between February 14 - March 14.

Winner will be chosen on March 20th.

2025 Proposal Contest.png

1. Follow I Do! on Instagram @Idoinvitationsandannouncements or like I Do's Facebook page.

2. Send your proposal story and any pictures and/or video to

3. On March 20th (National Proposal Day) one of the founders of Accu-Comp Graphics, which started the family business I Do!, Joyce Paregian will judge the entries and select the best proposal story and select a winner. You will be notified March 20th if you win and we will post the winning story on our website. You will win $100 I Do! gift certificate!

Entrees are accepted between February 14 - March 14th.  

All entries will get free personalized cocktail napkins with your order! 

(You get the same amount of napkins as the number of invitations you order.)

The Winners of the 

7th Annual 

2023 Proposal Contest

Madelyn & Bryce


Rachel & Teddy

Proposal Contest

And the 2022 Winners are




Nick had designed the ring, purchased the ring, and was working on his plans for months. At first he was going to surprise me while I was visiting my parents in New Jersey, knock on the door, and get down on one knee. Then COVID happened and that didn't work out. Then he was going to surprise me when I was visiting my parents at the beach in New Jersey, concocting an elaborate plan to have his parents be there also. Then COVID happened and that didn't work out. Long story short, COVID ruined quite a few proposals to bring us the one perfect for us.

I was visiting my parents in New Jersey at the end of October (noticing a pattern?), and I arrived back to the apartment that I share with Nick in Maryland on November 1, 2020. He helped me carry all of my things up to the apartment, helped me unpack, and then we sat on the couch to unwind and watch a movie. When Nick turned on the TV, all of a sudden a movie that he had created started playing on the TV. Over the next few minutes, I watched every picture from the past 3 years of our relationship play across the screen with 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perri playing in the background. At the end of the pictures, words started running across the screen saying: "This is us over the past 3 years. 3 wonderful years of you being in my life. And I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. So my question is..." and next thing I knew Nick was getting off the couch, bending down on one knee, and asking me to marry him.

Sharing that moment with Nick was amazing, but I was of course sad that I couldn't share it with any of our family and friends. Nick had thought of that, though, and little did I know that he had set his phone up to be recording the entire proposal (and my reaction to every picture which was at times hilarious) from the minute he hit play on our slideshow of pictures to the moment I (through the most happy tears I have ever cried) said yes. Post-proposal, Nick overlaid the video that he took on his phone of the proposal on top of the picture slideshow video so that we could share that moment with all of our family and friends. My mom cried. His mom cried. All of my bridesmaids cried. And I now have a video to go back to whenever I am sad or having a rough day.

Throughout our relationship Nick has always been the most thoughtful person from taking me to feed a giraffe (my favorite animal) because my dad never let me when I visited the Naples Zoo to writing down all of my favorite wines when we go wine tasting to surprise me with later. This proposal was the perfect representation of the biggest reason why I love him, and I not only have the memory in my brain now but also a physical record of our love to hold onto forever.​ 

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2021 Proposal Contest Winners

Saige & Jake!

Saige & Jake's Proposal Story!

Saige and Jake had been dating since September 2014. They have one little girl who will be four this summer and they finally have our big day coming up this November. They have been engaged since November 2019 but due to the pandemic and all the scares of the world they had to reschedule their wedding. So this is their second time around almost planning a wedding.

Jake absolutely surprised Saige with his proposal in 2019. They were out in California attending a wedding so they decided to go early and vacation there a bit. Due to Jake’s career he does not get much off time except during the months of November & December, that is when they can plan our trips and/or events. They were spending a few nights on Coronado Island and even got to the tour Navy SEALS training facility there which they loved. 

They were told that the sunsets were great as well so of course they planned to go see it before dinner. As they were standing taking pictures of the sunset, Jake started his speech as he gots down on one knee! Saige was absolutely speechless and of course she said “duh” she couldn't even process it yet. He even hired a photographer he found online to meet him out there to catch the moment. So Saige in my normal state of mind with jeans, sneakers, sunglasses on he completely blew her breath away. They have never talked about rings prior nor did she show him any pictures of rings she liked. He again blew her out of the water with the ring he designed specifically for her. It was a perfect night and so unexpected. 

"So me in my normal state of mind with jeans, sneakers, and Sunglasses on he completely blew my breath away."


to our 2020 winners!

Brooke & Marc


Chelsea & Robert!

Chelsea and Robert's Proposal Story

At the time, Robert and I had been together for three and a half years. We started talking about getting engaged once he finished his second masters program. I knew his program was done at the end of the summer, so I had an idea of when he might propose, but I had no idea of how much of a fairytale he would make it. 

I always told him that I hating being the center of attention and having all eyes on me for a proposal, but it meant a lot to me to have the moment be captured on camera (I was thinking maybe my sister would hide in a bush and take photos for us or something). 

...So just a bit of a backstory, my family has always been obsessed with Disney. Robert never really understood it until we went to Disney for the first time together in 2017. He absolutely loved it which is where our yearly Disney trips started. In 2018, we planned our trip to Disney World (as usual). One of the days we were going to a show at night, but Rob asked me if I’d like to do a horse and carriage ride at the New Orleans resort before the show (since we had time to kill). I told him that that sounded great. Little did I know, Robert had this planned for months in advance.

The morning of the carriage ride, Robert told me to wear my Disney magic band (for photos to be sent to our cellphones) in case there were photographers at the resort. It didn’t seem out of the ordinary for him to remind me to wear the band because photographers are everywhere in Disney world, but he asked me to bring my magic band just to throw me off. I have the worst memory and of course when we got to the carriage ride that afternoon, I noticed I forgot my wrist band. Our carriage ride started off normal but halfway through, there was a Disney photographer sitting by a gazebo and the driver casually asked if we wanted our photos taken. That’s when I realized I forgot my magic band but the driver said it was ok. We pulled over and the photographer asked if she could get a few photos of me first (to give Rob a minute to pull out the ring) and then when she told me to turn around.. there he was....on one knee with the ring in his hand. His hands were shaking with a few tears on his cheek as he asked me to be his wife. I asked him why he was crying and he said, “I don’t know, I’m just so happy! I’ve recited what I was going to say in this moment over 10 times but I didn’t know how emotional I’d get in this very moment.” I was thrilled and said “of course!” when he asked me to marry him. I told the photographer thank you for capturing the moment of him proposing and she told me that was just the beginning of the engagement shoot! She said that Rob had booked an entire hour for her to take photos of us after he proposed - talk about going above and beyond! These pictures are something I’ll cherish forever, not only did someone capture this special moment, but she captured them on her professional camera at our favorite place in the world!

We’ve been engaged for almost a year and a half (we’re getting married July/2021) and I still love looking back at these photos. They mean the world to me. The fact that Robert took my request of having someone capture the moment of him asking me to be his wife, to the extreme of doing it while we were in Disney and booking a professional Disney photographer, makes me so happy and grateful. These photos make me so emotional because it was such a special day and looking back at the photos, makes it feel like it was yesterday. I cannot wait time marry this man.

Brooke and Marc's Proposal Story

Marc and I’s favorite yearly tradition is to go to New York City every December around the holidays. We love to see the tree at Rockefeller center, the holiday windows at Macy’s, and all of the decorations. We always celebrate by going out to dinner afterward and staying in a hotel for the night.

This year, Marc asked to pick the restaurant, which is usually my job. I thought nothing of it and told him that it could be a surprise. He was so excited that he told me he even had pre-dinner plans for us, which got me excited too! 

While on the subway, he kept asking if I wanted to know where we were going. I kept telling him “no, I want it to be a surprise!” We finally arrived at the pre-dinner location, which was a hotel. He said we were a little bit early for our reservation, so we waited about 15 minutes before he led me to the elevator. He pressed the button for the rooftop, and when we got off the elevator I quickly realized it was a super cool rooftop bar!  

A man in a suit led us down a long hallway and told us our table was outside. Even cooler, I thought. At the end of the hallway, there was a glass door. The man waved me outside first, and when I walked out the door I quickly realized what was happening. There wasn’t a single chair or person in sight, just candles and rose petals on a glass balcony overlooking all of Manhattan. Music was playing and Marc immediately grabbed my hand and led me out to the middle of the balcony. He got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me, and asked me to marry him.

Moments later, I saw flashes going off behind me and realized that a professional photographer was there to capture the whole thing! I said YES and we had the most beautiful photo shoot afterward (see attached).

After the proposal, I called my best friend and our families. I thought the night was over when Marc informed me we had to get going to our dinner spot! When we arrived at the restaurant we were told there was a bit of a wait and that we needed to head to the bar. Walking up to the bar, I noticed everyone was facing forward silently. Within seconds, four people turned around who turned out to be our BEST friends. They knew the whole time - it was the best surprise ever! 

2019 - Third Annual Proposal Day Contest WINNERS are

Julie and Ian & 

Danielle and Matthew

They each won at $100 I Do! Gift Certificate!

Danielle & Matthew's Proposal Story - Our proposal story is definitely something different than most people. My fiancé and I are high school sweethearts, we met in 10th grade honors algebra II and since then we have been together. We bought our first house and rescued our first dog, life could not get any better. Then we got news that our best boy in the world (our dog, Handsome) did not have the best kidneys in the world. We got the news that he had kidney disease and he was rapidly reclining. We only had him for a year and a half (he was only 5 years old), I always dreamed of having our dog in out engagements photos and even at our wedding. Sadly, we knew what we had to do since his value of life was going down and we did not want him to suffer anymore. We decided on a date to put our sweet boy to rest and out of his pain. The weekend before we had both of our families over for a dinner for them to say bye to Handsome and then the moment happened. Here comes my fiancé (Matthew) and Handsome down the stairs, Handsome is in a tux suit and Matthew has a matching shirt on. He gets down on one knee and says “I know you dreamed of Handsome at our wedding and I know that will not be the case but at least he can be a part of the engagement”, I of course said YES! I was balling my eyes out being able to have our families there and also our first dog together. 

Picture to the left - Danielle, Matthew and Handsome

Picture below - Danielle & Matthew's new rescue puppy, her

name is Bettina, which means beautiful in Italian, but they

just call her "B."

Julie & Ian's Proposal Story - December 23, 2018 | Glenside, Pennsylvania

It was a normal Sunday. Julie and Ian went to church together in the morning, did some last-minute Christmas shopping, ate some tacos, and came back to Julie's house to watch the Eagles game.

Ian mentioned to Julie earlier in the week that he had bought tickets for them to see the Christmas light show at Longwood Gardens. Julie had been asking to "do all the Christmasy things" so she was glad to hear they had these plans for Sunday evening. Their timed ticket was for a 5:00pm entrance into the gardens.

Ian wanted to leave at 3:00pm. He didn't have the tickets on him. He was planning on getting them from his brother, Zach, on the way to Longwood Gardens. Now, there is nothing "on the way" about where Zach lives, so Julie casually advised, "Maybe next time you get these tickets the day before," and then dropped it. She's good like that.

At 2:50pm, Ian is trying to figure out what to wear. He picked out a blue dress shirt that was sitting in the back of the closet for months and says he's wearing that with khakis. He convinces Julie that he should look nice if they want to take a nice photo together. Julie now feels completely under-dressed in her jeans. Ian hurries her along in picking out a dress. "Put that on like the house is on fire. We leave in 10 minutes!"

In the car now, Ian is rushing them up the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Julie is talking and loses track of where they are, especially now that they have passed all reasonable exits to go to Zach's house.

They get off the Turnpike at the Route 1 exit, head south toward Northeast Philadelphia. Julie is completely baffled about where they are going. They turn onto a side street. "It's somewhere around here." Julie is not familiar with where they are at all. Then Ian pulled the car into the parking lot of the North Philadelphia Jet Center.

"Are we going on a PLANE?" Julie is starting to suspect something at this point.

Ian walks her in, sits her down, walks back outside to the car, and then returns with a GoPro camera in hand; he's taking a video. Behind him is his sister, Heidi, who also has her 3-week old baby, Bethany, with her. Heidi has a camera.

Now Julie is totally confused. She thinks he could be proposing. But where? HERE? She believes in herself too much to think that he could be pulling this off without her knowing. So she pauses on these thoughts to see what unfolds.

They are greeted by a man who says he is their pilot. Ian and Julie are escorted outside and taken to a helicopter!

Heidi (and Bethany) stay on the ground and wave goodbye as the helicopter takes off. The pilot says, "Now we are off to take our tour of the Philly area by helicopter." Julie is not exactly sure what direction the flight is headed, but it is still light out, the sun will be setting shortly, and it's all beautiful from above.

A few minutes into the tour, the pilot begins circling a certain location. He says, "Look out the left side. You might be familiar with this area." Julie is sitting on the left side. She glances out of her window. "I don't know where... wait... is that... my parents' house?" The circular driveway is what stood out most to her. And then focusing in, she notices that her mom, dad, and brother, Benjie, are standing out on the driveway, waving their arms. Julie turns to Ian. "How do my parents know we are up here?"

This is truly when the gig was up. Julie knew Ian had something more than just a "Christmas date" in mind for this helicopter ride. It was obvious that the pilot had a particular route he was taking them on. "We still have more to see," Ian said as they continued on to their next stop.

Ian pulled out his phone with something typed out on it. He asked Julie to recall their third date, which was to Longwood Gardens, when he gave Julie a card with a list of adjectives in it, words that described things he liked about her. He began reading from his phone the exact same list of adjectives that he wrote in that card and ended it with, "Now you can add another word to that list.... engaged." Ian asked Julie to be his wife.

The helicopter was now circling the grass field in Glenside. In 5500 lights hooked up to a generator was spelled out "Will You Marry Me" with a red heart in the middle. The sky was starting to get dark at this point, so the message was clear to read. It was unmistakable what it said and that it was for them. Ian's dad, mom, Granny, brother Erich, niece Mary, sister-in-law Becca, and nephew Rafael were down on the field below.

Ian reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a beautiful engagement ring. He had picked it out himself and it was perfect! He asked Julie for her hand. He already began slipping the ring onto her finger when she said, "And... YES!"

The flight continued for another hour as they were taken to various locations of significance to them and their relationship, including their church, the restaurant where they had their first date, Longwood Gardens (right at 5:00pm, by the way, and with his brother Zach and nephew Luke watching us from there), and Center City Philadelphia. 

Here is a video of their proposal - click here.

2018 - Second Annual Proposal Day Contest WINNERS are


They each won at $100 I Do! Gift Certificate!

Victoria's Proposal Story - Our proposal story comes straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. During the month of December I am always watching Hallmark Christmas, where my father claims the movies give me "a warped sense of reality" However this past December Frank made my Hallmark movie proposal a reality. In true movie form we had many obstacles come our way that day postponing our time to get home and decorate thetree. I was not as concerned as he was but I didn't think anything of it. After rushing around - I set up the ornaments and said it would be quicker for me to put on the hooks and hand to him to put on the tree. Assembly line style. We finished the first tree in record time but Frank was pushing me to hang some myself. Now we travel often and I collect an ornament for each trip/event we share together so when I picked up our first ornament from the city we met in, i got up and walked over to the tree to hang personally. As I turned around there he was down on one knee. I could not have been more surprised!! Of course I was shaking so badly after we finished the tree the next day :)

Bridget's Proposal Story - I have the best proposal--my own proposal on Saturday, February 12th 2000. What started out as a trip to the Franklin Institute with Chet, Emily Scanlon, my nephew, Tommy Andrews, and myself ended with a visit to the Fels Planetarium. Little did I know that during the "Starry Skies" program there would be a message on the ceiling for a special Gemini--"Bridget will you marry me?" I was shocked! There were even students from Chet's class there (right in front of us) handing me flowers! The lights went on--applause from everyone. Obviously, I couldn't sit through the rest of the show. I was glad that Emily was there to share in this proposal. I waited for the right guy (for both Emily and me)--we found him! I have the best husband ever:)

2017 - First Annual Proposal Day Contest WINNERS are JESS & WAYNE

They won a $100 I Do! Gift Certificate!

This is their Proposal Story:

Wayne and I have Penn State season football tickets and go up for almost every home game. Our love of Penn State was (and continues to be) one of our biggest passions and one of the first things that connected us to each other. We had planned to go up for the home opener of the 2016-2017 season against Kent State. I had off of school that Friday and he had off from work so we decided to make a wee...kend out of it, stay overnight on Friday and come home on Saturday. We woke up early Friday morning and got there a bit earlier than anticipated. I asked if we could stop at a store on our way into town, but when we got there we found out it had closed. At that point we decided to call the hotel to see if we could check in early, to which they let us know it would be another hour until the room was ready. On our way out of the parking lot, Wayne spotted a nail salon. 2 side notes: I had told him that he absolutely COULDN'T propose to me unless my nails were done ...and I would LOVE for them to be Navy/White when it happened! Knowing they were pink, Wayne asked if I wanted to get my nails done. I said no, and asked if my manicure was not good enough. Reassuring me that of course my nails looked great, and to prevent an all-out war, we decided to go to the hotel and hope the room was ready!

When we got to the hotel room, Wayne asked if I wanted to go take a quick picture with the Nittany Lion since students were in class and there probably wouldn't be a line (completely unheard of). I whined, saying that I wanted to get Cozy Thai (my favorite restaurant), however reluctantly gave in knowing we could quickly take a picture and head immediately there afterwards.

If you've never been to Penn State, there is a TINY little parking lot next to the lion with maybe 3-4 spaces that is ALWAYS full. Of course there were no spaces available when we got there so we drove around the vicinity for 5-10 minutes looking for a spot. I kept asking why he wouldn't just park illegally in the small lot since we were only going to be 2 minutes. Of course, he knew we were going to be there longer and didn't want to park illegally. After 10 minutes of driving around, he gave up and decided that parking illegally would have to happen. When we got there, we took a picture for the family in front of us who gladly returned the favor. THIS PICTURE WAS PROBABLY THE BEST PICTURE WE'VE EVER TAKEN! I showed it to Wayne excitedly and he said ... "I think we can take a better one!" So, even though I was confused (he never recommends taking another) we waited for another family to take a picture of and then we asked them to return the favor. This time, Wayne said to the guy, "Can you move back a little bit? I want it to be taken from further away." The guy backed up about 5 feet and Wayne continued to say "more!" The guy was probably a solid 25 feet away from us and was so far away that he had to raise his voice a bit to say... "I can't even see the two of you anymore! You look like ants" Wayne screams..."It's fine!" (Little did I know...there was a photographer hiding in the trees and he didn't want the guy to obstruct the photographers view). I kept whispering to Wayne "Why the HECK are you sending him so far away???"

The guy takes the picture, comes back, and in the midst of me looking at the pictures to see if they are good (of course), Wayne grabs my hand and gets down on one knee. All I remember is saying Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Of course the answer was yes (however, neither of us actually remember if I said it!) and we took a ton of pictures with the secret photographer. The pictures are absolutely PRICELESS because they are truly "in the moment" photos that I had NO idea were happening.

Overall, it was the MOST perfect proposal I could have ever imagined... not to mention my ring is BEYOND beautiful and the prettiest thing I've ever seen! Every Penn State girl dreams of getting engaged at the Nittany Lion and Wayne made this a reality for me! I feel super grateful and cannot wait to plan the wedding!

PS: Even though it wasn't pretty, the football team DID pull out a win which made it an even better weekend!

PPS: We did get Cozy Thai immediately after our photo-session!

PPPS: This picture is the actual proposal (and I had no idea it was being taken!!)

The first picture is of Moushegh & Joyce Paregian at their wedding, which was December 30, 1967. YES! And the second picture is when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. 

My Dad, "Moush" started Accu-Comp Graphics Services in 1960 and he and my Mom helped thousands of Brides over the years finding their perfect wedding invitation as a part of their business. In 2005, they put me in charge of the invitation division of the company and the division is now called I Do!

Moush and Joyce Paregian will read all the Proposal Contest Entry and pick their favorite story.

Valerie's Proposal Story - On May 16th, after work we were going to go to Marsh Creek and fish. After fishing for a little bit Mark asked if I wanted a picture of us on "the rock." I am a lover of pictures so it was not hard for me to agree to moor the boat and climb on the rock in the middle of Marsh Creek so that Matthew could take our picture. I am also a lover of greeting cards. When we got to the... rock Mark gave me a card, as I was reading it and tearing up, Mark got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box, I finished reading the card and looked at him. I was shocked! I had no clue! I actually kept saying "No" not because I did not want to marry Mark but because I couldn't believe it was happening! And I have pictures (which I love) because Mark had Matthew taking pictures of us! So I got my rock on the rock!

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