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Black or White Chalkboard Easel or Mirror

$60 for writing on both sides on the easels, 17 x 32, double sided, chalkboard is 13 1/2 x 23. 

Mirrors Left to right

White mirror - (approx. 32x 60”) - Rental price $100

Curvy mirror (approx. 24x40”) - Rental price $50

Antique Mirror - Rental price $50

Calligraphy on the mirrors and transportation of the mirrors are extra.

Curvy White Mirror is approx. 24x40 - Rental-$50 calligraphy extra.jpg
Full length mirror Approx. 32x60, Rental $100 calligraphy extra.jpg


Provide your own mirror.  Tell us the size and what you want written on there and we will give you a quote.

Parker wedding.png
Parker Seating Chart.png
Shea and Scott.jpg
Mirror Seating Chart.jpg

Table Number Holders - 4 different heights - $1.00 each

Table Number Acrylic Holders - 2 sided - 5x7 SILVER or GOLD - $2.00 each

Rustic Card Box - $10.00 (10 x 10 x 10)

Rent This!

Happily Ever After


(45 x 12 inches)

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