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Hand-Cancelling Your Wedding Invitations

Posted on July 11, 2022 at 6:30 AM

One of the last things you want (and might not even expect) when shipping out your wedding invitations is the risk of damage. The first impression of your wedding begins with the invitation, so you want to do everything you can to ensure they arrive to your guests looking as beautiful as you imagined.

Most mail is cancelled by a machine, which leaves those lines and date over the postage stamp. This rough process through the machine could cause wedding invitations (especially bulky and intricate ones) to rip and become damaged. So what should you do to avoid this from happening to your invitations? Have them hand-cancel (or hand-stamped).

It takes time for post office employees to hand-cancel and hand-sort your invitations so go to the post office at an off-peak hour and talk to them about having your invitation envelopes hand-cancelled. It is a time consuming process so be extra kind. Hand-cancelling should not have an extra price tag but some post offices are starting to charge for this service.

The two main benefits of this process is your envelope not having so much ink all over it, so it looks nicer and it lowers the risk of damage or a blemished envelope so that your guests will get a cleaner first impression!

You've already taken the time to have beautiful invitations for your guests and it is well worth the extra time talking to the post office and getting your wedding invitations hand-cancelled!

~Julia Costello


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