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Sticker labels on Wedding Invitations

Posted on August 6, 2022 at 3:30 PM

Let’s talk envelopes. We all know how easy it is to take a sticker label and slap it onto your envelope. But, before you take that sticker and put it on your wedding invitation, let us talk about why you shouldn't.

Wedding invitations aren’t like typical cards you would send out in the mail. Wedding invitations are special and require extra care. The type of care and attention to detail that does not include sticker labels. So… what do you do? It might sound like a lot of work and rather tedious, but we recommend having them hand-written (by you or a calligrapher) or printed out on the envelopes.

When guests receive your invitation in the mail and see the detail and time you spent, it will really go far. You may think that people don’t even take the time to look at the envelope, but it is the first thing they see when they get your invitation and therefore it is their first impression. So, make it a good one!

There are many options for addressing your envelopes that do not include stickers. You could hand-write yourself (or delegate to a friend or family member), opt for calligraphy, or have them printed onto the envelopes. Moral of the story, sticker labels may be convenient, but they are not the way to go for your wedding invitations.


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