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Destination Weddings: 101

Palm trees, scenic backdrops, beautiful sunsets…a dreamy destination wedding. For couples who want a tropical celebration, a getaway in the mountains, or a trip down memory lane to the place they met, destination weddings are a great option. However, there are some tips we want to share with you if a destination wedding is something you are considering! Make sure to budget! Destination weddings can be expensive and incur a lot of additional costs, so make sure to put enough money aside for those costs as well as the unexpected ones. Choose the right location! Think about things like weather, time of year, accommodations, how guests will travel there, etc. Especially if you want many guests to celebrate with you, make sure it is a realistic location. Marriage requirements: Not all marriage licensing will be the same from state to state, or even country to country. It all varies, so make sure you do your research in advance. Know the marriage legality in the state/country you want to get married in and consider having a civil ceremony at home prior to your destination celebration. Think local: local wedding planner, local vendors, etc. Focus on what is in your destination town and make it easier on yourself by working with what is already there. Make an itinerary! If you are going to have a destination wedding, assume that guests will be staying in town for a few days. Set up some activities, dinners, and gatherings for guests to come together and enjoy while they are staying in town. Have a back-up plan. There are always things that can happen that aren’t planned for, like weather or delays in travel. Make sure you think about these in advance and always have a plan b! Lastly, who will pay for what? Typically, with many destination weddings, the host will pay (meaning the couple) for most expenses. Whether it be travel expenses, accommodations, dinner tabs, etc. every decision is up to the couple to decide. Make sure it is a conversation you have before even settling on having a destination wedding!

~Julia Costello


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