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Using Professional Titles When Addressing the Couple on an Invitation

How to address a couple on a wedding invitation can be different than you think. There are only two titles that proper etiquette approves of for the couple listing on their wedding invitation.

1. Doctor if you are a medical doctor.

Here is how you would use your title if you are a medical doctor:

Bride options:

Miss FirstName MaidenName, MD FirstName MaidenName, MD or Dr. FirstName MaidenName

Doctor FirstName MaidenName Groom options: Mr. FirstName LastName, MD FirstName LastName, MD or Dr. FirstName LastName

Doctor FirstName LastName

2. Military titles.

The same three options would be used whether it is the Bride or Groom.

1. Full Rank, Full Name and then Branch of Service

Example: Second Lieutenant Matthew Thomas Smith, USMC

2. Full Name on line one, then Full Rank and Branch of Service

Example: Matthew Thomas Smith

Second Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps

3. Full Rank, Full name on line one, then Branch of Service

Example: Second Lieutenant Matthew Thomas Smith

United State Marine Corps

Both medical doctors and military titles are not abbreviated unless necessary because of space limitation. To have consistency on the invitation, if both are doctors or in the military use the same format.

Using Doctor if you are not a medical doctor PhD, veterinarians, and dentists use “Doctor”, but are not used in wedding invitations.

Other Designations and Titles Clergy, professional certifications and tiles, such as CPA and Esquire, aren't used in wedding invitations. Above is the guidance for proper etiquette but we always suggest doing what you want because at the end of the day it is your day. We hope you find helpful information in this article. Always follow your gut and what you prefer, because after all...that is all that matters on your special day!


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