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Response Cards

Posted on January 31, 2017 at 7:00 AM

For accurate reception planning, response cards are essential. The cards are printed with the date to respond by, a line for guests to fill in their names, an area for guests to indicate if they will be attending the wedding reception or not, and if necessary, entrée selections. All I Do!'s response cards include envelopes printed with your return address on them in the price. Both the response card and envelope (with a stamp that you put on the envelope before you send to your guests) are enclosed with your invitation when you send them out. Guests return cards in the self-addressed, stamped envelopes, giving you the information you need to continue your planning. Information necessary on the Response Card

1. RSVP date.

This date needs to be at least one month after the date you send out your invitations and usually 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding so you can give your caterers the final numbers and that you can work on your seating chart. It is acceptable to use just the date or to include the year. RSVP by the fifteenth of May The favor of a reply is requested by May 15, 2021 Please respond by May 15th Kindly reply by May 15th Your reply is requested by May 15, 2021 The courtesy of a reply is requested on or before May 15, 2021 Please respond on or before May 15, 2021 Kindly respond on or before May 15, 2021 The favor of a reply is requested on or before May 15, 2021

2. You need a space for your guests to write in their names so you know who is attending your wedding.

Traditionally, this is done by writing "M" and a line. The guests would write r. and Mrs. John Doe. The "r" finishes the Mr. Alternatively, you can write "Name" or "Name(s)" and a line. M________________________________ Name_____________________________ Names_____________________________ You can add a line under the names asking how many people are attending. M____________________________ Number of persons______________ M____________________________ Persons attending________________

3. You need a space for "Accept" or "Decline" The "accept" and "decline" wording is one spot on the Response Card where you can have fun and get creative.

Here are some ideas to fit your wedding.

Traditional wording

Accepts with Pleasure Declines with Regrets

Delighted to Attend Regretfully Cannot Join You

Graciously accept Respectfully decline

Joyfully accepts Regretfully declines

Accepts Regrets

Delightfully accepts Regretfully declines

So joyful to attend! Can't attend, sending joy your way

Would be delighted to accept Must regretfully decline

With bells on Will be thinking of you

Graciously Accepts _____ of ______ guests Regretfully Declines

Contemporary wording

Are pleased to join you Regretfully cannot attend

Happily accepts Cannot attend

Will be joining the celebration Will be unable to attend

Can't wait to celebrate Best wishes from afar

Can't Wait! Sorry, Wish I Could Be There

We Will See You There! Sorry To Miss Out

Excited to Celebrate with You! Sad to Miss All the Fun

I/We wouldn't miss it I/We can't make it

See you there! Sincerely regrets

Look forward to it! Have to miss the fun

Delighted to attend Sorry, can't make it

Wouldn't miss it for the world Be there in Spirit

Don't despair we will be there Sad to say we'll miss this day

Looking forward to attending Sadly have to miss it

Will celebrate in person Will celebrate in spirit

Will come for sure! Sorry, can't make it

Love to, and will Love to, but can't

Wouldn't dare to miss it! Won't be able to attend, but wish you the very best!

Shall be pleased to accept Unable to accept

Would love to come! Can't make it, sending our love

Wouldn't miss it for the world! Sending our love

Looking forward to the big day Regretfully cannot attend

Funny & Clever wording

Wouldn't Miss It For the World The World is Not Enough

Let's Get Rowdy! Show Must Go On Without Me

Aw, Yeah! Drinks on Me! I'll Be There In Spirit Free booze?

Yes, please In a nutshell I'm lame Yes we'd love to! Sorry, gone fishing

Will eat, drink, and see you be married! Will regretfully decline

Ready to party Can't come

Count me in Count me out

Let the good times roll! Roll on without me

So happy So sad

Hell yes! Oh no!

Be there Be square

Can't wait to party! Unfortunately can't join in

Deal me in Sitting out

Can't wait to party! Bummer! Can't make it

Will see you there! Raising a toast from afar

Good news, we'll be there Bad news; can't make it

Can't wait to be there Party on without us

Let's get the party started! Show must go on without me

Yes! See you there! Sorry! Love to but can't

Can't wait! Can't come!

Can't wait! Can't make it

Heck yes, can't wait to see you there Sadly no, but we have a good excuse Totally Bummer

Can't wait to be there Party on without us

Can't wait to party Bummer! Can't make it

We will see you there Sorry to miss it

Ready to dance Sorry my dance card is full

Let the good times roll Roll on without me

Destination Wedding wording

Bags Packed, Ready to Go! Hate to Say Can't Make It

Our sails are set we'll be there! Sorry, we will be docked somewhere else that day

Yes! Ready & set Sorry, with regrets Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Sending our love My bags are packed Can't find my passport

Sunscreen is packed Toasting from afar

4. Entrée preference. (If you are serving a buffet, you can skip #4.)

If you are serving a plated meal with more than one entrée option, you will need a space for your guests to indicate which meal they would like.

You can list your options and have your guest initial which entrée they are each selecting.

Please initial the Entrée choice for each guest: _____ Entrée Selection _____ Entrée Selection _____ Entrée Selection

You can list your options and have your guests place a number of how many of each entrée they are selecting.

Please indicate number of each Entrée Selection _____ Entrée Selection _____ If you are offer children's meals. _____ Entrée _____ Entrée _____ Entrée All children under X will receive a special meal


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