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Registry Information & Why It Shouldn't Be On Your Wedding Invitation

Posted on October 6, 2021 at 6:00 AM

If you have ever planned a wedding, or gone to one, you certainly know all about registries. In a nutshell, a wedding registry is a list of gifts that couples have chosen for their guests to shop from. A wedding registry makes the gift-buying process much easier for guests. Now, with this being said, why should you keep it from your wedding invitation?

To begin, wedding invitations can contain a lot of information, which oftentimes is difficult to navigate. You want to ensure that all of the important details come across to your guests. It is typically a known fact that when you are invited to a wedding you bring a gift, or send one if you cannot attend. This, for starters, is a reason in itself why the registry information should not be placed anywhere on your wedding invitation. Another reason, and maybe an even more important one, is that you do not want it to appear that you are demanding gifts from your guests. A wedding invitation shows your guests that you truly want them at your wedding. If you add registry information to your invitation, it could appear that you want a gift just as badly as you want your guest to come. At the end of the day, you do not want to come off as ungrateful.

Since it is not recommended to put registry information on your wedding invitation, let’s talk about other ways to get that information out. Most commonly, couples choose to include their registry information on a bridal (or couple’s) shower invitation. Another great idea is to have a wedding website, where a couple can include all important wedding details (like registry information and photos)!

Wedding invitations are not the place for registry information, but there are definitely great alternatives to help get the word out. It is always important that your guests know how important THEIR presence is at your special day, and you do not want gifts to get in the way of that!

~Julia Costello


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