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Bachelorette Party Planning

Posted on November 1, 2017 at 4:35 AM

1. Start with the Bride. Talk to the Bride and find out what she wants a far as location, theme and guest list. Find a few dates that works for her and then start planning with just a few bridesmaids or friends before you start doing the inviting.

2.Make the Plans. Restaurant, hotel or house. Whatever you need, book it.

3. Send out the Invitations. If you need to make reservations for your party you will want to have an RSVP on the invitations so you know how to proceed.

4. Discuss with others. Everyone's budget is different, so you will need to determine if you are covering all or some of the Bride's expenses.

5.Talk to the Bride. Remember to consult her to see what kind of activities she would like to includes.

6. Plan Events. Team Bride will like structure, yet room to just be together too.

7. Get Accessories and HAVE FUN!


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