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Adult Only Weddings

Posted on April 7, 2021 at 5:20 PM

Sometimes deciding whether to invite children to your wedding can be a difficult choice. Even if you want to include everyone, having children is going to impact your budget or maybe your wedding is not meant for little ones. And if you decide not to include children this could be a tricky conversation letting people know you are having an adult-only wedding.

Here are some options that can help you and definitely put the information on your wedding website.

First you will want to address the outer (and or inner) envelope properly. This will let your guests know who is invited to your wedding.

Second you can use fonts and font sizes to emphasize certain information.

Then, these are my favorite ways to say no children are invited:

On the invitation if your ceremony and reception is at the same place:

-Please celebrate with us at an adults-only reception immediately following the ceremony.

-An adults-only celebration will follow the ceremony.

-Reception to follow at the nightclub, Phillipi’s (Ages 16+ only)

-An adult (18 and older) reception will follow

On the Response Card:

-For the accept and regrets say something like:

___ Adults will attend ___ Regretfully cannot attend

-After the accepts and regrets line add a line

___ Number of Adults Attending.

-When making entrée choices:

Guest 1_______________________

{ }Filet { }Chicken

Guest 2_______________________

{ }Filet { }Chicken

On the Details Card:

-Regrettably, our chosen venue is unable to accommodate children. Professional babysitting will be provided at the hotel.

Other ideas:

We respectfully request no children under 16 at the Reception.

Although we love your little ones, this is an adult only affair.

The Bride and Groom request that this be an adult-only reception.

Include a personalized to with your invitation – We’d love to have Ashley & Paul there but unfortunately we’re limited by budget/space constraints. We hope you can still make it.

We have reserved two spots for you.

We love to watch the children run and play, but this is going to be an adult only kind of day.

You’ll dance all night, you’re not a quitter, so we request that you hire a sitter.


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