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What Postage Do I Need for My Invitations?

Posted on March 29, 2022 at 3:10 PM

When it comes to prepping your invitations to be sent out in the mail, figuring out what postage you need can be tricky. Lucky for you, we have just the right information to help you make the decision!

There are many factors that play into selecting the right stamp for your wedding invitations. Some of these factors include the weight, size, thickness and shape of your invitation, as well as the location you are mailing the invitations and how fast you would like your guests to receive your invitations. Heavier or oddly shaped invitations will require a higher postage rate. Shipping your invitations outside of the US will cost more money too. All of these factors are important when considering postage for your invitations.

If your invitation is 1 ounce or lighter, you will need a stamp which is currently $0.58. For invitations that are a bit heavier, between 1 and 2 ounces, you will need a first-class stamp, which currently costs $0.78/per stamp and between 2 and 3 ounces is currently $0.98/per stamp. Invitations that are an odd size require a first-class “odd size” stamp that is currently start at $0.88/per stamp.

It is always important, even with the above information, to take one of your invitations to the post office and ask them what type of postage is best for your invitation. This will help ensure that you have the right postage that suits your invitation.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there is an expected increase in postage rates coming this July. The above rates are likely to change as a result.

We hope this information will help take some of the stress out of mailing your invitations!

~Julia Costello


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