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Wedding Favor Idea: Donations

Posted on February 4, 2022 at 2:55 PM

For years and years, couples have been giving their wedding guests favors as a “thank you” for attending their special day. It has become a tradition for couples to do this. Typical wedding favors are things like desserts, customized items, plants, and so on. Have you ever thought about giving a nontraditional, but more special favor to your guests? Well if that sounds interesting to you, keep reading!

Something that has become more popular in recent years is the idea of giving a donation in lieu of wedding favors. This is an especially good idea if you and your significant other have a charity or foundation that you are very passionate about. Even if you do not have a charity that you already support, it is always a good idea to find one that means something to you!

Once you have selected a charity or foundation that is special to you, you will then make a donation in honor of each of your guests. This is a great way to give back to charity while also making your guests feel special.

You can send in your donation ahead of time (your guest do not need to know the amount) and ask the charity to send you a letter that you donated money so you can display the letter at your reception.

Below are different ways you can choose to inform your guests about the donation. And you can have them printed out for your guests on the cermony programs, cards left on their dinner plate or on the bottom of their menu.

“In lieu of a wedding favor, a donation has been made in your honor to *insert charity/foundation/organization name*”

“With much thought and consideration, we have chosen a special way to say thank you for sharing our special day. In lieu of traditional favors we have made a donation in your honor to the *insert charity/foundation/organization name*”

We hope that you consider incorporating this special idea into your wedding day!

~Julia Costello


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