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Trends you need to know about

Let's talk about trends so you are in the know and are informed of all the popular things going on right now!


Whether it be in your invitation, or your overall wedding theme, neutrals are in and they are all the rage. This goes along with the idea of simplicity and less being more. Whites, beige, pastels - neutrals are IN!


If you are going for that simple vibe, but want to add a bit of color, throwing some greenery into your invitation or throughout your venue might be the perfect addition for you!

Laser Cut

An elegant twist on a traditional invitation is using laser cut designs. Many of our brides choose to add this to their invitation because it creates such a special touch. Not only are there many designs to choose from, but it ends up being an invitation your guests will remember!


Since we are on the topic of simplicity with a twist, embossing is a little touch that goes a long way. Embossing is a great way to highlight certain details of your invitation and truly make it POP!


Have you ever thought to add a translucent vellum wrap to your invitation? You may think it is a small detail that would go unnoticed, but it creates an elegant layer to your invitation. You could add any details to the wrap - many couples choose to go simple and use their initials, monogram, or names.

These are just a few of the many trends that are circling right now! At I Do, we can bring any of your dreams to life!

~Julia Costello


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