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Save the Date: Etiquette

If you are looking for information on all things save the dates, look no further.

First of all, if you are looking to send out save the dates, the first order of business

is a “Congratulations” on your engagement! We are here to help.

To start off, a save the date is an official announcement of your wedding date and

location that is sent to those you will invite to the wedding. Think of it as the

pre-invitation note! Keep in mind you should send these out around 8-12 months

before your wedding, the sooner the better, especially if travel is required.

What should you include in your save the date? Well, traditionally, besides your

names, you include the date and location (typically city and state) of your wedding.

If you are getting married in a church that is a different town than your venue you

will use the church town as your city and state.

You can also include any engagement photo(s) you have taken, as well as a line

that says “Invitation to follow.” If you have a wedding website, we strongly

encourage you to include the URL so guests can be informed of all wedding-

related information. There is no formal communication between the save the date

and invitation which is why it is important to add your wedding website.

I Do! can create the perfect save the date for you, and answer any questions you

have for us.

By Julia Costello


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