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Postage Rates Are Going Up! (again) 

Effective January 21, 2024 the U.S. Postal Service is raising their prices, and we are here to help make you aware of all of these changes. Starting in just a few weeks, these are the proposed increases:

Product Current Prices ~ Planned Prices

Letters (1 ounce) 66 cents ~ 68 cents

Letters (metered 1 ounce) 63 cents ~ 64 cents

Domestic Postcards 51 cents ~ 53 cents

International Postcards $1.50 ~ $1.55

International Letter (1 ounce) $1.50 ~ $1.55

Along with these new prices, USPS is also releasing new stamps, some of which

are perfect for wedding invitations!

Love stamp (1 oz) - (available now) featuring a bird “in flight bearing a message of love in

its beak”

Wedding Blooms (2 oz) - (coming soon) “brilliantly colored flowers rendered in ink

and gouache paint”

Celebration Blooms (2 oz) - (available now) similar to Wedding Blooms and perfect

for heavier invitations.

Unfortunately, counterfeit stamps are being sold in so many places.  Please beware and we recommend buying stamps from the United States Postal Service.


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