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How Many Invitations Do You Really Need?

The answer is…more than you think! Most people, when it comes to ordering invitations, order only for the number of couples they have, and maybe a few extras just in case. While that is a good starting point, you need to order more than you really think. Before deciding how many extra invitations you need, be sure to get an accurate count of your guest list.

One of the most common mistakes couples make when accounting for invitations is counting all of their guests instead of households. This would result in too many extra invitations.

Of course, a married couple would just get one invitation, but if they have a child that is over the age of 18 and still living in their home, they should get their own invitation. If their children are under 18 years old they can be on the same invitation of their parents. If you have a flower girl, ring bearer or any other children under the age of 18 in the wedding party, etiquette says they should get their own invitation.

After getting that number more accurate, next think of other reasons for extra invitations. For example, order a few extra invitations for yourself and your parents/in-laws as keepsakes. Get another invitation for your photographer for your details pictures. If you want to have your invitation framed around either your house or your bridal shower, those might be other instances where you need an extra invitation or two. It is cases like this that order a few extra will come in handy.

Additionally, you might get a few invitations returned to you in the mail because someone moved, and you will need to resend, or you might find out someone didn’t get the invitation you sent and need to send another one.

Also, you might want to send some invitations to businesses or celebrities and try your luck. (Read the blog below here.)

If you order some extras now, and you need more later it will save you a lot of money. (Read this blog.) You never know what can happen and always having a few extra invitations on hand can take the stress away!

~Julia Costello

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