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Did You Know You Could Send Invitations to Celebrities? Keep Reading!

You may have read this title and thought “WHATTTT?!! I can send invitations to celebrities?” The short answer is yes. Although it may seem rather silly and unrealistic, sending an invitation to a celebrity may come with some benefits.

After mailing your invitations out to your friends and family, and you find yourself with a few extra, test your luck by sending some to celebrities and/or companies! Some couples who have mailed invitations to Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse have ended up receiving keepsakes and souvenirs in return. Others have chosen to mail invitations to stars like Taylor Swift, Jimmy Kimmel, Beyoncé, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Starbuck, and so many more. Couples who have tested this out have received notes in response!

When we send you the Excel spreadsheet to be filled out with the names and addresses of who will receive your wedding invitations we have a short list of celebrity names and addresses for you. Or you can find the information for the stars and companies online and even the addresses where they prefer to receive fan mail (which may be a good address to send it to in order to receive a response)!

How wonderful would it be if you got a response, even if it is a standard response? Or even better, if Elon Musk's secretary opens your invitation and looks at the calendar and knows he cannot make your wedding and sends a present? And in the best case scenario, they actually show up! You hear about these stories! It could be YOU!

You never know what can happen, but it is fun to try it out! You never know what or who may turn up in your mailbox or your wedding!

~Julia Costello


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