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5 Advice Tips for Wedding Invitation Envelopes

1.ORDER EXTRA ENVELOPES (especially if you use a calligrapher)

We advise our couples to order extra invitations and envelopes when placing their order for several of reasons: family and friends move and you may need to update their address, a name could be spelled incorrectly, it could get returned in the mail to you, or you may find out for some reason your guest did not receive the invitation at all. And no matter how many times you go over your guest list we can guarantee something will change between when you order and when you send your invitations.


You want to make sure you send an invitation to everyone that is invited: your parents, each person in the bridal party (including your ring bearer and flower girl), Clergy or Officiant, and guests over 18 (even if still living at home) should get their own invitation.

Who the envelope is addressed to is who is invited, so be as specific as you can. If you are inviting someone and a guest, you will need to write Mr. John Smith and Guest, if you know the guest’s name you should write Mr. John Smith and Ms. Jane Doe.

Make sure you spell out abbreviations. For example, 610 E. Central St., W. Chester, PA 19380 should be 610 East Central Street, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380. You will want to spell out all directional, street, and state names. Spell out titles of your guest’s names too.


After mailing your invitations out to your friends and family, and you find yourself with a few extra, try your luck by sending some to celebrities and/or companies! Some couples who have mailed invitations to Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse have ended up receiving keepsakes and souvenirs in return. Others have chosen to mail invitations to Taylor Swift, Jimmy Kimmel, Beyoncé, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Starbuck, and so many more. Couples who have tested this out have received notes in response! (See our recent Blog on this -


Instead of licking your envelopes closed you can use a white glue stick.


Take a fully assembled invitation suite to the United States Post Office and get it weighed. Then purchase postage for your response cards and invitation envelopes based on the size and weight. Affix the postage on the envelopes. Take your invitations back to the USPS and ask the Postmaster to “hand-stamp” your invitation envelopes. You can then enjoy getting your responses back in the mail!

~Valerie Osiecki


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