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​Who to Tip on the Wedding Day and How Much?

When it comes to planning your wedding and all of the expenses incurred, you

may not even think about tips, but it is extremely important! So let’s talk about it!

For starters, tipping your vendors completely varies depending on the service. We

are going to provide you with a list of some common services and the standard that

people tend to follow when tipping! Always remember, at the end of the day these

are just suggestions based on our experiences and research, but do what you think

based on your budget.

Wedding Planners/Day of Coordinator: 10-20% or a nice gift

Hairstylist/Makeup Artist: 15%-25%

Wedding Delivery/Setup Staff: $5-$10 per person

Church Officiant: donating $100-$500 to the church/synagogue

Officiant: $50-$100

Musicians: $15-$20 per musician

Photographer/Videographer: $50-$200 per vendor

Attire Alterations: $20-$30

Reception Staff: 15%-20% of food and drink fee, $200-$300 for the maître d’

Band/DJ: $25-$35 per musician; $50-$150 for DJs

Transportation Company: 15%-20% of total bill

Cake Baker, Florist, Stationer: $50-$100, or a small gift

~Julia Costello


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