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Summer Party Tips

Posted on May 4, 2017 at 7:10 AM

6 Summer Party Tips

Warmer evenings are quickly approaching — it’s time to take the party outside! Having a plan before the season goes into high gear will help ease stress and allow you to enjoy your time spent with friends or family. There’s nothing worse before a party than running around with a long list of last-minute to-dos when your guests begin to arrive.

Ample seating. "Sit down and stay awhile" will only go so far if there aren't enough chairs to go around.

Carefully inspect your yard for any hazards. If you are having a BBQ, check your grill and make sure you have enough fuel for it.

Yard games. Plan ahead. Water balloons, ice cream eating contest and scavenger hunts are popular right now. It is easier to keep guests entertained when there are multiple games set up throughout the yard. Be creative!

Make ahead of time any foods that can be prepared before the party starts.

Party Mood. When guest arrive have plenty of appetizers and drinks ready.

Party favors. Send guests home happy with goody bags filled with summer items that might include a small bottle of sunblock, an inflatable beach ball, Swedish fish gummy candy or other treats that match the party theme.

Most importantly have fun!

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