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Laser Cut 101: What You Need to Know About the Design, Burn Marks, Etc.​

If you have not heard about laser cut invitations yet, no need to worry we are here to help fill you in. This beautiful and elegant style of invitation is just what you need if you are searching to level-up your day. There are multiple laser cut elements that you can implement in your wedding stationery, from a flat invitation to a gatefold or tri-fold pocket, and any of the other pieces of your invitation suite, the choice is yours and I Do! is here to assist you with it. While the goal of laser cutting is to provide a detailed and intricate beautiful design the one main point we want to highlight in this article is the potential of burn marks that come with laser cut invitations. As the laser cuts through the paper, it can sometimes leave behind burn and heat marks. This is something we want to address with our couples up front. We always encourage our couples to ask us any questions when planning their invitations!

~Julia Costell


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