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Escort Cards vs. Place Cards: The Differences

Now that your seating chart is out of the way (phew!) let’s talk place cards, escort

cards, and their differences! Now you may be saying to yourself “Wait…there are

differences? I thought you could use the words interchangeably!” The answer to

your question is yes, there are in fact differences, but lucky for you we are here to

go over it! Let’s break it down!

Escort cards direct guests to a table rather than a seat. They are more informal than place cards and allow guests to choose their own seat at the table. Typically, escort cards are placed outside the entrance to the dining room. Guests will find their escort card and make their way to their table.

Place cards, on the other hand, indicate a specific seat for each guest, making them more ideal for sit-down dinner receptions. They are placed at each table to designate each guest’s place.

The differences are slight, but it is always best to know this information.

~Julia Costello


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